What's up Fellow Badasses?! 

This is how we roll...

We believe in making our education + events accessible to you


  • Financially - pay what you can tickets!  Its simple... pay what you can... its anonymous to everyone outside our administration... no questions asked!

  • #Momlife- childcare is a priority!  If we can offer it, we will do our best.  Nanno, an on-demand childcare site, offers our guests 20% off!

  • Time - varied days/times to accommodate busy schedules

We believe in the whole you 

  • Whatever you got going on, you are welcome and we will do our best to limit any barriers to entry.  Please reach out if you have a solution!


We believe in giving back

  • To those in need We donate 10% of proceeds on all PS+B exclusive gear to 501c3 organizations dedicated to getting women back in the work force.  Check out our giving back page for more current information.


  • To those who help us Generosity resounds in the communities we touch, from in-kind donations of space, food//bev, expert knowledge, products, etc.  We make every effort to creatively say "thank you" and pay-it-forward.

We believe in men!  Women cannot be empowered without the support of men  

  • It is up to all of us to elevate each other  Men are interested too and are invited to most of our events!  Note:  some of the subject matter we cover may be sensitive and exclusive to women only.  These events will be clearly indicated.


pillars of our community

  • Aspire  dream big, the first step is believing it is possible

  • Inspire don't be shy, your success inspires others

  • Admire swap the jealousy filter for admiration 

  • Lift  we can do anything, by lifting each other

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