Who has been here? 10 minute lunchtime flick ~ well worth the watch !

Have you been Purl part A, Purl part B? Have you been Lacy? Check it out...

It is well known that women are under-represented in many industries, companies, corporate boards, politics, etc. Which has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Men are more inclined to hire men, just like themselves, and they have.

Similarly, as is clearly depicted in this hilarious, but totally on-point short film, women who are the only one in the room and have to fight for inclusion, are less inclined to embrace other women. Perhaps it is the law of scarcity that breeds the perception that she brings greater value, without others in the mix. Or maybe it is the mentality of not wanting to "rock the boat." It is easy to see how this happens, and why it is so counter-productive.

We can't change the dynamic of male-dominated scenarios today (we will eventually...), we can't change their jokes, their aggressive tendencies, their decisions on who qualifies for happy hour. So, in an effort to control what we can control, today, the key takeaways are:

-If you are "Purl." Don't alter who you are & try to become one of them. 51% of the population is female. If companies aren't embracing gender diversity and bringing representation from 51% of the population into leadership roles, they will get left behind. No matter the dynamic of the men in your scenario, trying to act like a man is the 180 degree counter-point of gender diversity.

-Enter Lacy. Embrace her, help her shorten her curve to success in said environment. Think of the snowball effect. It's much easier to gain momentum with more mass. Sub snowball for women = we need more in the mix. We all benefit from each other's failures, successes, promotions, un-forged paths. Stifling another woman in a corporate setting is absolutely counter-productive. No longer are the seats limited. There is plenty of room for many women at the top, so let's fill those seats!

If you want more, here's a great podcast on being the only one in the room.

Go get'em all you Purls out there. You are not alone & you can do this!

Photo: Hopperstone from Katherine Johnson Hidden Figures movie.

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