What came to mind when you read the title of this article? Did your mind concoct an image? Who was in the leading role? Man? Woman? Someone you know? You? Is there any chance you pictured a middle-aged white man in a dark suit with a red tie? Was he bald? Or did he have Trump hair? It is amazing what society has taught us, what the years of societal role definition has etched into our psyche, making this image seem normal. This image, defining power.

Gorgeous Model: @bethstuartyoga, Photo: @b.adams_photo

Power does not see gender, race, sexual orientation, or economic status

Power is an open mind

Power is active listening

Power is empowering others

Power is kindness

Power is authenticity

Power is a spoken mind

Power is channeling failure

Power is admittance of wrong-doing

Power is strength, when weakness is easier

Power is courage, forging uncharted waters

Power is defending whats right, over popular

Power is seeing beauty in all humans

Power is supporting

Power is lifting others

Power is influence used for good

Power is time for others

Power is giving, yourself

Power is generosity

Power is action

Power is accountability

Power is believing

Power is committing, diving in

Power is executing

Power is internal

Power is not (necessarily) a white middle aged man in a dark suit and a red tie

Power is you,

use it.

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