melissa mccarthy- fighting the fight

Great article in In Style on Badass Women. Melissa McCarthy being the cover model and titled "The Queen" of the article. She talks about her amazing, supportive, and collaborative marriage, undoubtedly a rarity in Hollywood. She is kind. She mentions her level of discomfort with the expectation in the comedy world that all jokes involve tearing someone to shreds. She has clearly carved a niche which allows for humor and kindness to marry. The most disturbing yet believable part of the article is her recount of interviews when she was asked (by a man) if she was shocked that she was successful *despite* her "tremendous size". What? Really? What a DICK!

What makes Melissa McCarthy a total badass, is she stays true to her authentic whole self, and she fights back. She makes mention that no one ever posed that question to John Goodman when he was heavier. Men get a pass. Women are expected to be pleasant. No one is giving a hall pass to the "pains in the ass", but we should be allowed to voice our opinion. And, not stand for comments like the interviewer above, regarding body type or anything to do with our whole female self.

When asked the definition of a badass, she states "badass, to me, means doing what should be done in a situation because it's what's needed and maybe you're the person who needs to do it, and if not, how do you get the person who needs to do it? And not needing to be liked or think you need to be liked so much. I was likable, and [now] I don't really give a shit about that."

Rock on MM! You are for sure a badass! You found an amazing man who fully supports you and your success, you are kind, grounded, and you just don't give a &#!* what people think! You are your whole, authentic, badass self, a model for sure!

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