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I am 42 and have never Botox'd or altered my appearance with injectables, knives or otherwise.  Maybe it is apparent, maybe it is not.  Some may think I have aged well, others may think I look my age... or older.   Regardless, the 40's have heightened my awareness that my 1 and only body is my vehicle for the next 50+ years.  While I do want to look good, I recognize that the choices I make today could impact my ability to live a full life of adventure, later.   For me this means avoiding exposure to non-elective (environmental) and elective (food, cosmetics, etc) toxic substances.  

Skin is the largest organ in the body (yes I was a physiology nerd in college, and yes skin is an organ).  Whatever we put on our skin ultimately gets absorbed into the bloodstream and can make its way to other important organs.  The highly profitable beauty industry is not as regulated as one might think, in fact there are over 1,400 chemicals used in products in the US that have been banned from European nations.  The result of these toxic ingredients are things like asthma, infertility, cancer, hormonal disruption, and for pregnant women inhibited fetal brain development, among many others.  Why don't we hear about the maleffects more often?  Good question!  There is a lot of money to be made on us, by the beauty industry, talented lobbyists that need paychecks, and ultimately an FDA that does not have the authority to eliminate many of these substances from mainstream use.  So it is up to us to regulate what ingredients make their way into our bloodstream.  I don't know about you, but I am too busy living life to have time for cancer or thyroid problems or unknown diseases yet to come.  For me this means no Botox and as close to a non-toxic skincare and beauty regimen as I can get.   Soooooo........

A few years ago I trashed every beauty product I owned with toxic ingredients.  It was pretty much everything in my drawers, cupboards, medicine cabinets, etc.  Not only was it disgusting how much I had accumulated over the years (sucker for advertising), but it was shocking to see how many brands used toxic ingredients (drug store, high end, and in between).  Slowly I replaced all of my old staples with brands that use safe ingredients.  Not all of these companies use only only natural ingredients, some use synthetics in tandem with natural.  However, note that not all synthetics are toxic, and not all natural ingredients are non-toxic.  Here are my personal recommendations after 3+ years worth of "oh s*** I'm 40" / anti-Botox / non-toxic product experimentation.  You will notice that many of these suggestions come from Beauty Counter.  It is the 1 line I have experienced consistent results with *most* of their products and hence is my baseline.   Others have been favorites or supplement gaps of products I didn't love in the Beauty Counter line.  These are all authentically part of my daily regimen, based on my dry to normal skin with occasional breakouts.

Morning (for me this happens after my workout):


I love seeing women aging gracefully, allowing their makeup to accentuate their natural beauty rather than covering it up.   Therefore I prioritize a skin care regimen which allows my skin to be the star.  I personally like to dramatize my look with eyeliner and a bold lip.  Find your flare and have fun with it!  Somedays it's just moisturizer and mascara, others it's the full shebang!  Just  do me a favor and don't cover up your natural beauty with powders and heavy foundations!  Give your skin time to rid itself of toxins and I promise you won't need coverups.



  • I mix equal pumps of this and this and lather all over!  (Fresh out of the shower while your skin is still damp is best to absorb the beneficial ingredients)

  • Deodorant  (This one is pretty thick so you have to rub it in a bit, but it works!)

  • Body Shimmer (think Beyonce... love this!)


Note: these are "safer" chemical sunscreens, I have not found a mineral one that I really like yet which is the only true non-toxic sunscreen... stay tuned!

Happy detoxing your beauty regimen!  Stay healthy, happy, and well!  


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