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March 14th marked the official launch of prettysmart+badass. The event was "made so" and went off with a bang. The Denver Art Museum was closed to the public and was a gorgeous setting for guests. The space is beautiful in and of itself, yet was beautifully adorned with arrangements by the Perfect Petal. Pink bubbly was passed, cocktails flowed, hors d'oeuvres were served and the human connection commenced.

Guests included: a badass who runs a marketing division of NBC, lawyers & doctors, women who rock the tech world, a badass who changed the way we vote--- significantly increasing voter turnout meanwhile reducing costs in CO, and now she is going state-to-state to help others. There was a head of school, heads of households, and teachers, badasses who are shaping our future by positively influencing our younger generation. There were business owners and entrepreneurs, the owner of The Perfect Petal and the owner of Bar Helix were present among others. And there was this gorgeous, bright array of rising stars. Women who will become CEOs, board presidents, business owners, moms, even the President of the United States. And there were men. Men who want to elevate themselves by embracing badass women.

The program was kicked off by Dana Grinnell, Founder + Fellow Badass of prettysmart+badass.

  • She introduced the pillars of the COMMUNITY: Aspire, Inspire, Admire, Lift.

  • The MISSION was articulated. To help women exploit their inner badass professionally, physically, and in life. Education via: a virtual platform, local ed events with no topic being off limits, parties with an emphasis on creating experiences that bring people together, retreats, and a summit, bringing men and women together to gain knowledge with the intention to elevate everyone.

  • The founder went on to discuss the VALUES of the organization. Accessibility, giving back, and including men.

She introduced special guest Courtney Montague, business partner to Kelsey Montague Art. Courtney gave a beautiful recount of her journey in business which was a tale of failure, failure, success. She touched on work life balance, prioritizing future passive income streams, and left the audience with the advice of "let your concept prove itself to you, rather than push it".

Leslie Herod was the 2nd guest speaker and inspired the guests by sharing her own self-doubt that a black, lesbian woman could run for office. She stood before the guests between a bill that she presented and the vote to prove her own self-doubts wrong. She is the first african american LGBTQ elected official in Colorado. She commented on the meaning of prettysmart+badass to her. Making no apologies for her own feminity, intellect or empowerment she exclaimed that girls and women can be all of the 3 and we should embrace that.

The Dior doors opened and guests had private access to the exhibit. Conversation and human connection continued. Women were exchanging business cards, setting up future dates for coffee and lunch, more established women were sharing insights and lending advice to rising stars, and men basked in the bright light of a room full of badasses sharing their own support and perspectives. At the conclusion, guests were ushered down the stairs equipped with a branded swag bag full of items donated by women owned businesses, and a list of future events by prettysmart+badass. The event was truly a vision turned reality and the perfect way to mark the launch of a company that intends to tackle gender diversity in a constructive, approachable, no BS manner for men and women.

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What came to mind when you read the title of this article? Did your mind concoct an image? Who was in the leading role? Man? Woman? Someone you know? You? Is there any chance you pictured a middle-aged white man in a dark suit with a red tie? Was he bald? Or did he have Trump hair? It is amazing what society has taught us, what the years of societal role definition has etched into our psyche, making this image seem normal. This image, defining power.

Gorgeous Model: @bethstuartyoga, Photo: @b.adams_photo

Power does not see gender, race, sexual orientation, or economic status

Power is an open mind

Power is active listening

Power is empowering others

Power is kindness

Power is authenticity

Power is a spoken mind

Power is channeling failure

Power is admittance of wrong-doing

Power is strength, when weakness is easier

Power is courage, forging uncharted waters

Power is defending whats right, over popular

Power is seeing beauty in all humans

Power is supporting

Power is lifting others

Power is influence used for good

Power is time for others

Power is giving, yourself

Power is generosity

Power is action

Power is accountability

Power is believing

Power is committing, diving in

Power is executing

Power is internal

Power is not (necessarily) a white middle aged man in a dark suit and a red tie

Power is you,

use it.

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Courtney Montague, business partner to Kelsey Montague, is our esteemed guest speaker at the #PSBlaunchparty. As you will see, not only are they endlessly talented, they are wonderful human beings! Catch a sneak peak of their story, as featured on CBS news. Enjoy, and we will see you on March 14th for more of the Montague sisters' inspirational journey to success.

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#womeninbiz #womeninbusiness #businesswomen #businesswoman #womenempowerment #Shemeansbusiness #womencommunity #femaleempowerment #femaleentrepreneur #femaleentrepreneurs #mompreneur #womensupportingwomen #womensupportwomen #bosslady #bossbabe #bossbabes #entrepreneur #momlife #womenwhorule #savvybusinessowner #inspiringwomen #goaldigger

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